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Whenever you see 24x, or 8x, don't you wish you understood what it meant? Well, here is an Explanation.

1x refers to a basic transfer of 150KB/s, and all speeds are increments of that same 150KB. 2x is 300KB/s, 4x (also called Quad-Speed), is 600KB/s, and so on. Here is a List, calculated for you, so you don't have to!

Also see DVD Reading and Writing Speeds.

1x: 150KB/s

2x: 300KB/s

3x: 450KB/s

4x: 600KB/s

5x: 750KB/s

6x: 900KB/s

7x: 1050KB/s

8x: 1200KB/s

9x: 1350KB/s

10x: 1500KB/s

11x: 1650KB/s

12x: 1800KB/s

13x: 1950KB/s

14x: 2100KB/s

15x: 2250KB/s

16x: 2400KB/s

17x: 2550KB/s

18x: 2700KB/s

19x: 2850KB/s

20x: 3000KB/s

21x: 3150KB/s

22x: 3300KB/s

23x: 3450KB/s

24x: 3600KB/s

25x: 3750KB/s

26x: 3900KB/s

27x: 4050KB/s

28x: 4200KB/s

29x: 4350KB/s

30x: 4500KB/s

31x: 4650KB/s

32x: 4800KB/s

33x: 4950KB/s

34x: 5100KB/s

35x: 5250KB/s

36x: 5400KB/s

37x: 5550KB/s

38x: 5700KB/s

39x: 5850KB/s

40x: 6000KB/s

41x: 6150KB/s

42x: 6300KB/s

43x: 6450KB/s

44x: 6600KB/s

45x: 6750KB/s

46x: 6900KB/s

47x: 7050KB/s

48x: 7200KB/s

49x: 7350KB/s

50x: 7500KB/s

51x: 7650KB/s

52x: 7800KB/s

53x: 7950KB/s

54x: 8100KB/s

55x: 8250KB/s

56x: 8400KB/s

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