The Vendor Product Lines category is for indexing hardware standards and vendor product lines, series and other related, technical information from select standards and vendors across similar hardware products. It is not designed for articles covering inter-vendor or other benchmark comparisons, but merely reference information. It will refer back to other Computing Knowledgebase articles on general computing technology as necessary.

System and Peripheral Interconnect Edit

General Concept Edit

* Peripheral Interconnect - Peripheral Interconnects for Bridging Input/Output (I/O) Communication
* System Interconnect - Shared Bus, Switched Node and Partially Meshed System Interconnect
* HyperTransport eXtension - HyperTransport eXtension (HTX) Peripherals on System Interconnect
* Interconnect Coherency - Coherency between System, Peripheral and Hybrid Interconnect

HyperTransport Edit

* AMD 8000 - AMD 8131/8132/8151 Tunnels and AMD 8111 Bridge
* nVidia IGP/SPP/MCP - nVidia nForce2/3/4/400/500/Pro2000/Pro3000 IGP/SPP Tunnel and MCP Bridge
* ServerWorks HT - ServerWorks HT2000 Tunnel and HT1000 Bridge
* SiS 700 - SiS 700/800/900 Bridge

PCI System Interconnect Edit

* Intel MCH/ESB/ICH - Intel 800/900 MCH, ESB6000 and ICH5/6/7 Bridge
* Intel 5000 - Intel 5000 MCH
* ViA KT/VT - Via KT7/8 North and VT8200 South Bridge

Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) Edit

General Concept Edit

* DRAM Channeling
* DRAM Buffering
* DRAM Error Correction

JEDEC Specification Edit

* JEDEC PC100 - JEDEC PC100/133
* JEDEC PC1600 - JEDEC PC1600/2100/2700/3200 (DDR200/266/333/400)
* JEDEC PC2-3200 - JEDEC PC2-3200/4300/5400 (DDR2-400/533/667) and draft PC2-6400 (DDR2-800)

Graphical Processor Unit (GPU) Edit

General Concept Edit

* GPU Interconnect
* CPU-GPU Coherency

GPU System Interconnect Edit


GPU Peripheral Interconnect Edit

* nVidia NV40 - nVidia NV40/G70
* ATI R300 - ATI R300/400/500

Communication and Storage Edit

General Concept Edit

* Communication/Storage Interconnect
* Physical Transceiver
* Media Access Control and Framing
* I/O Processing and Off-load Engine
* Host Bus Adapter
* HD Technology
* SSD Technology

Communication Media Access Control Edit

* BroadCom 5700 - BroadCom 5700 PCI/PCI-X/PCIe FE/GbE MAC
* Intel 82000 - Intel 82000 PCI/PCI-X/PCIe FE/GbE MAC
* RealTek 8100 - RealTek RTL 8100 FE/GbE MAC

Storage Media Access Control Edit

* BroadCom 4000 - BroadCom 4000/5000 ATA Controller
* Marvell 88 - Marvell 88 ATA Controller

Communication Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Edit

* LeWiz LE2000 - LeWiz Communication LE2000 HBA MCU

Storage I/O Processor (IOP) Edit

* 3Ware 7000 - 3Ware 7000/8000/9500S 64-bit ASIC
* 3Ware 9550SX - 3Ware 9550SX PowerPC400 MCU
* BroadCom 8000 - BroadCom 8000 ASIC
* Intel IOP300 - Intel IOP300 i960 MCU
* Intel IOP320 - Intel IOP320/330 X-Scale (ARM) MCU

HD Commodity - Consumer 8x5 and Near-Line Enteprise 24x7 Edit

* Hitachi 7K - Hitachi Consumer 7K and Enterprise T7K
* Seagate Barracuda - Seagate Consumer Barracuda 7200.7/8/9/10 and Enterprise Barracuda ES (and NL35)
* Western Digital Caviar - Western Consumer Digital Caviar SE/SE2 and Enterprise Caviar RE/RE2

HD Enterprise Edit

* Hitachi UltraStar - Hitachi UltraStar 10k/15k
* Seagate Cheetah - Seagate Cheetah 10k/15k
* Western Digital Raptor - Western Digital Raptor 10k

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