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Development and HistoryEdit

Windows 2.0, also known as Windows/286 (for the Intel 80286) was released April 2, 1987. It maintained compatibility with existing Windows applications, and included significant performance enhancements, as well as a new visual appearance, compatible with Microsoft OS/2 Presentation Manager (Which consisted of overlapping windows, rather than tiled windows).

Later Versions came in two iterations: Windows /286 and Windows/386, the former optimised for the Intel 286, and the latter optimised for the Intel 386.

Windows/386 introduced Himem.sys, and improved support for expanded memory hardware.

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Available VersionsEdit

Windows 2.0:Edit

Windows 2.1 (Windows 2.01)Edit

Windows 2.01 (Windows 2.1) released in November 1987.

Windows 2.02Edit

Windows 2.02 released in November 1987.

Windows 2.03Edit

Windows 2.03 released in December 9, 1987.

Windows 2.10Edit

Windows 2.10 (Windows/386) released in April 2 1988.

Windows 2.11Edit

Windows/386 (and Windows/286 (Windows 2.86)) 2.11 released in March 1989.

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